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Arrogance and Ignorance in Assuming the Safety of mRNA "Vaccine"

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A Statement of Shen Nong Laboratories Research on the Medicinal Effects of Old Toby

October 19, 2017

September 20, 2017

A Statement of Shen Nong Laboratories Research on the Medicinal Effects of Old Toby

There are many cannabis plants which may be doing harm to those who do not know the art of using these plants as medicinal herbs. The mission of the Shen Nong Laboratories is to perfect such an art and then deliver to the general public. To accomplish such a mission, we will study a novel medicinal herb of the cannabis origin, Old Toby, which was born when Mr. Mat Gordon made a vow to the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ to devote his life to bring forth this plant to help mankind. Mr. Mat Gordon was persecuted for his divine connection to cannabis plants and was at his peak crisis of his physical and mental health when three seeds came into his life. From these three seeds he cultivated a plant which allowed him to remember: Old Toby. Although Old Toby is considered to be one of the many cannabis plants currently under the label of "Schedule I Drug", Shen Nong Laboratories is determined to apply the most frontier life science technologies to systematically study Old Toby as a novel medicinal herb, to work with Mr. Mat Gordon and the entire community of Old Toby Supporters and Cultivators to optimize the cultivation methods, the genetic methods, the medicinal effects, and validate that a "Schedule I Drug" cannabis can be turned into a safe and effective medicinal herb that far surpass the man-made small molecular drugs 💊 and the much-talked about molecular medicine based upon genetic engineering technology that manipulate human and animal genes and cells.

In the process of carrying out the research projects of Old Toby, plant samples need to be shipped to many different laboratories located in different states of America, and even go outside of America. Based upon the current status of "Laws and Regulations" of cannabis research in America, it will be totally impossible to do almost any work under the "Legal" banner if we treat Old Toby as one of the rest members of cannabis plants. It is therefore essential to first establish Old Toby as a novel medicinal herb that is a safe and effective medicinal herb distinct from other members of cannabis plants.

We shall have a team conference to discuss this topic.

Please send your timely feedback to Dr. Lotus King Weiss:

Phone: 347-822-5637


First Published on September 21, 2017 at:


The Birth of Novel Medicinal Herbs Through Solar Eclipse 2017 at Silverton Oregon

October 19, 2017

The Birth of Novel Medicinal Herb

广林子实验 (二零一七年九月七日)

Signal: Solar-Lunar Totality on August 19, 2017

Location: Silverton, Oregon

Dr. Lotus King Weiss took

one single branch from each "Old Toby" strain bathed in the lights of the Solar-Lunar Totality. Most were in Group One. Two were put into Group Two.

Group One: stems immersed in pure water.

Group Two: Two branches were put into water together with two branches of Artemisia Argyi from New York.


Mr. Milt Robinson took two pictures on September 7, 2017.

Picture One for Group One:

Those who are the strongest survived in pure water and also are budding.

Picture Two for Group Two:

One of the two branches with Artemisia Argyi also survived.

Follow up work:

For the dried leaves:

Take samples for Lab Tests.

For the Green Alive Branches:

Plant into the earth, Cultivate into Full Maturity.

Take careful leaf samples once a week. dissolve into DMSO, for a longitudinal time course study.

First Published on September 8, 2017:

Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries



"The Ultimate Mission of Communism" is a Divine Book of Salvation

January 29, 2018


"The Ultimate Mission of Communism" is a Divine Book of Salvation

By Mr. Tianyue Gao


The book "The Ultimate Mission of Communism" concerns the future and destiny of each individual, each nation, each ethnicity, and of the entire human kind. Amidst the immense cosmos, the Creator, with boundless compassion, at the last moment of the last havoc, provide the humanity another opportunity of salvation. Picture depicts the scene of Carina Nebula provided by NASA.


News at the Dajiyuan (Epochtimes) Newspaper (December 9th, 2017)

The new book from the Nine Commentaries Editorial Office, "The Ulterior Motives of Communism", is a book of divine with precious messages of salvation, reaching out to hundreds of thousands of readers within a short twenty days since its publication at the Dajiyuan Newspaper since November 19, 2017.


Throughout the book is the grand compassion and wisdom of the divine, blessing the Chinese people and the entire mankind a path of new hope and salvation.


China, the Land of Divine, the Center of All Nations, used to have grand landscapes of immense beauty, which unfortunately has now been destroyed by the Communist Party the red devil, leaving behind a scene of ugly wounds and death of all forms of lives. The Chinese people used to respect the heaven and the divine laws, following the human moralities of faith, bravery, benevolence and loyalty. However, the Communist Party ruthlessly destroyed human lives and corrupted the souls of Chinese people, turning the Nation of Great Respect into the Nation of Great Bandits, the sky darkened, human hearts no more, deception and violence everywhere, all things going towards demise.


In China today, people from all social classes, regardless of whether they are high level officials, or the middle class people, or the bottom layer of grass root people, are all struggling in the smog of the airs, amidst of other forms of pollution of the environment, with anxiety and puzzlement of the hearts and souls, finding themselves sinking and sliding down, willingly or unwillingly. Some people are living through every day intoxicated, others simply are going along the main current of destruction, and some others are seeking for the truth and solution with great difficulties. How can a better tomorrow be achieved? We, all of us, how to embrace the future?


Upon the publication of the first part of the book, "The Ultimate Mission of Communism--China Chapter", a shocking wave is created to change heaven and earth. Many readers from China expressed that they read with tears in the eyes and found themselves awakened from the nightmare. They exclaimed, "This is the remedy of salvation, the words of awakening, light of dawn breaking the darkness. Only the divine can safeguard the future of the divine land. The Evil Specter of Communism will be eliminated! Let us spread this book to disintegrate Communism as soon as possible."


The Book Exposes the Monstrous Conspiracy of Communism and Can Save China and the Entire Mankind


The book ,“The Ultimate Mission of Communism”, has repeatedly emphasized, “Communism is not merely a theory, or a type of social policy, or a failed social experiment, but an evil specter, with the purpose of destroying the mankind through destruction of human culture and morality.” Tightly spinning around this main theme, this book exposes the road map, the planning book, the revenue tables and the operation manual of the Communist Evil Specter in its attempt to destroy the entire humankind.


To the mankind, such an exposure is the way of fundamental salvation. This is because, only when human kind recognizes the evil nature and ulterior motives of communism, human beings can then realize their greatest danger and thereby resolving all puzzles entrapping mankind to be saved following the guidance of the divine. The existence of the individual human beings and the entire human civilization is counting on the ability of human beings to learn this TRUTH.


The Book, "The Ultimate Mission of Communism--China Chapter" systematically and meticulously outlines how the communist specter has been controlling the Chinese Communist Party to step by step to commit evil crimes in China: violence, killing people, destroying the natural environment, destroying tradition and morality, eliminating the Chinese Divine Culture, damaging the culture of cultivation practice, and to take an opposite position against the fundamental nature of the universe of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance to persecute the cultivation practice of Falun Gong.


How does the Communist Evil Specter target China to accomplish its ulterior motives of destroying mankind?


At the very start of the book, it stated, "The Creator established in China through His Own Efforts the Chinese Traditional Culture that can lead people to the heaven, systematically arranged all elements in all fields of traditional culture that can help people connect with the Divine. Destruction of such a culture is like the severing of the divine connection of mankind."

“杀人转入地下,毁人一刻不停。共产党有时让人死,有时让人活;有时让人匮乏饥馑,有时让人肥得流油;忽而让人禁欲,忽而让人狂欢;一会儿破坏文化,一会儿“恢复传统”;一会儿姓社,一会儿姓资。究其实质,毁灭真正的传统文化,败坏人的道德,让人反神、变成非人——这才是共产党万变中的不变。”(第四章《共产邪灵 毁人不倦》引言)

"The Communist Evil Specter commits killing secretly now in China, and it never stops for even one second in its attempt to destroy people. It wants people dead in one occasion, but wants people live in another occasion; it lets people starving to death in one occasion, but lets people becoming filthy rich in another occasion; it prohibits people from sexual lust sometimes but suddenly it stirs people to go wild of sexual intoxication; today it was destroying culture, but tomorrow it starts to "recover the culture"; yesterday it was following "Socialism", but today it is following "Capitalism". Upon stripping away its superficial outer coats, its true nature is exposed: it wants to destroy the true traditional culture, to destroy the human morality, to let man go against the divine to become no-man--This, is the never changing True Identity of Communism". (Chapter Four, Introduction, “The Communist Evil Specter Destroying People Non Stop”)


In Chapter Six of the book, "Hatred Being the Foundation of this Communist Regime, It Made China a Nation of Misery", we can read a brief outline of the "End of the World Scene" of the main land of China: the country is in total misery, people has been turned into beasts. The evil specter of communism has wiped out people's faith towards the divine and severed the divine connection (by destroying the divine traditional culture and human morality); when people's behavior no longer conforms to the human morality, people are turned into beasts with only the human form but no human essence. At such a stage, human beings are no longer subjected to the blessings of the divine.


The Communist Evil Specter, whose evil manifests in all layers of the cosmos, has been applying such an evil strategy to not only kill human body, but also to destroy the human spirit. In China, through its decades of meticulous arrangements, violence, threats, lies, deception, materialist temptations, and more, such an evil conspiracy is about to be accomplished.


The Chinese people are deeply connected with the five thousands of years of divine culture. Is it possible that these people will be totally controlled by the evil communist specter to be poisoned and to be totally destroyed? Where is the EXIT from such a danger?


"The Chinese people as an ethnic group are blessed with unique qualities. The Chinese culture is a culture bestowed with divine mission. At the starting moment of antiquity, when the divine was creating the Land of Divine, the mechanism of salvation was already deeply embedded for the moment of future crisis, for bringing hope at the moment of destitute. At the moment immediately prior to the last havoc, whether one can read and understand the divine mechanism and divine words, is a determining factor for everyone's destiny and future.


"The darkest moment is also the moment closest to the dawn of light." "The divine is awaiting the awakening of man, and the vow of divine is in the process of manifestation."


The divine words through divine writings are now pointing the direction of light and hope: "It is the most urgent mission for the current human kind to completely disintegrate the Communist Specter, to rid the human world of all evil elements of communism, to carry out a complete reflection of the downfalls and demonic deviation of human society in the past about two hundreds of years. It is the responsibility of every human individual to rectify the human heart, to cleanse the human society, to return to traditional culture, to rebuild faith of divine, and to reconnect with divine through finding the lost divine culture. This is also the only hope for the salvation of each individual. Divine is both Compassionate and Majestic! Divine is weighing the heart of each individual. The choices and actions of each individual at this moment will determine his or her future."

唤醒世人 读者感佩

The Book is Awakening the World People and the Readers are Moved and Showing Admiration


Since the publication of this book on November 19th, 2017, major shock waves are created among the readers. Readers are learning the divine messages from the book with humble respects and admiration. All of the puzzlement is resolved instantly, and the feelings of being lost disappeared completely. Readers are praising the book as "Divinely Bestowed Writing", "the Peak Writings" and "Celestial Water". At the internet posting, many people have left thousands of messages to express appreciations to the Creator for the immense compassion of salvation, and to thank the Nine Commentaries Editorial Office for the great contributions, and to thank the Dajiyuan Newspaper for delivering lights of hope again to the readers.


"Great! The articles are from a high level to shed lights, with immense compassion, and have pointed out a path of salvation for the sentient beings who have been deluded by the Communist Evil Specter for a long time."


"The book of 'Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party' serves as nine sharp swords that destroy the communist party the red devil. The book of "The Ultimate Mission of Communism' is like the golden light of the sun to totally disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party Evil Specter."


"It is written wonderfully. I read the book with tears in my eyes. Chinese people are too pitiful. It is our responsibilities as each individual to spread this book to more Chinese people for them to read." "I hope this series of articles can awaken Chinese people and are rapidly spread all over the world."


"The Communist Specter has destroyed the faith of several generations of our precious Chinese people: the generation of our grandparents, our parents, we ourselves, and now is trying to destroy the faith of our next generation! After reading the book, I am so shocked. You, the Stubborn Evil Specter of the Chinese Communist Party, how many more people do you still want to destroy?"


"The book is so great! The articles are well written with great depth! Profound! Sharp and Clear! Precise and Accurate! I am in my seventies. I have experienced and witnessed everything described in the book! I personally experienced the period of history of my parents' generation people to be labeled as the Rightists and the Anti-revolutionarists; I also personally experienced the total brain washing processes at schools by the evil party; I also personally witnessed how my middle school principal was beaten to death by the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution; I also personally experienced the horrific death of my fellow friends who was burned to death during our exiling to the Northern Waste Lands; I also personally heard the gunshots from shooting at the young students by the Chinese Communist Party's army at the Tian An Men Square during the June 4th Massacre in 1989...So much more! The articles are so right! The Chinese Communist Party is truly the evil specter that has destroyed the Chinese Divine Culture and is aiming to destroy mankind! I highly praise this book and will recommend the book strongly!"


"These are words of awakening and can serve as the remedy of salvation! Only when the Chinese people completely wake up, totally discard the evil communism, the evil communist party, return to Chinese tradition, return to the divine, the Chinese people's revival will be possible! How can a nation of people who turn away from the divine receive the blessings of the divine? God is not the so called superstition as preached by the Chinese Communist Party. In fact, modern science has made many new discoveries from many different aspects to provide indirect proofs for the existence of other dimensions and the existence of divine. Atheism is the trap of the evil Communist Specter to destroy human kind!"


"Only one who is filled with divine spirit can write such words immersed with the immense compassion of the divine. Chinese people are people favored by the divine. Chinese culture is the divine culture. The land of China is the Land of Divine. Chinese people, the descendants of the Emperor of Yan and Emperor of Huang, are people of the Divine. The attempt of the evil Chinese Communist Party to destroy China will not succeed! Divine and the Divine's people in China are ONE! Evil will not win over the Righteous! This is the Law of Heaven!"


"These are great writings!!! In human history, it will be recorded that the 'Nine Commentaries', 'Disintegration of Communist Party Culture' and 'The Ultimate Mission of Communism', these three books published by Dajiyuan Newspaper as the Editorial's Commentaries, are responsible for exposing the true nature of communism, its true evil nature, completely and thoroughly! Only through complete disintegration of the evil Chinese Communist Party, through thoroughly cleaning away the spiritual pollution of the Communist Evil Specter towards the entire humankind, humankind will have the hope of salvation!!!"


"Those who carry out research of the Communist Party made the biggest mistake of taking the Communist Party as an ordinary political party instead of treating it as an evil cult that has clear missions and precise operating systems."


"Nowadays most people are living in a daze. Hope this book will awaken the world people. At present, no matter it is in the East or in the West, people's minds are infiltrated by the communist ideology, which is almost all encompassing."


"Hope the entire humankind and all nations' governments join force to eliminate this big devil of the Chinese Communist Party! Please do not say that it has nothing to do with you! Everyone is in this. If you do not say NO to the Chinese Communist Party, the next target of destruction is thee! Only when the Evil Chinese Communist Party is eliminated, then the world societies will find Peace! "


"This is such a set of wonderful articles that we will be able to read daily continuously! If the officials of the main land China can treat themselves as the descendants of the Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang, and to bind their roots of lives with the roots of the thousands of years of Chinese divine culture, and to sever themselves away from the evil specter from the West which only transiently entered China, and allow these wonderful articles to be published inside of the main land of China, then the rapidly sliding morality in China will be saved. Furthermore, the major crimes of the Jiang Zemin regime will be exposed. China will surely embrace a wonderful future! "


Stepping Forward into a Bright Future


Amidst the immerse cosmos, the Creator, with boundless compassion and wisdom, created the myriad cosmic bodies, all things in the universe, and through His Own Efforts, established the divine culture for people to find divine, at the Center Land of Nations: China. Again, at the last moment of the last havoc, the Creator turns the destructive forces around to deliver the opportunity of salvation to humankind. Whether an individual is able to be saved or to be able to walk into tomorrow is determined by the choices of the heart.


"The Ultimate Mission of Communism" has provided the most important Truth that concerns the destiny of each individual human being, each nation, each ethnicity, and the entire human kind. This book is written for China, for the world, and for the billions of sentient beings, in order to point out the path of future. Reading this book and spreading the messages of this book are our joint responsibilities.

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The Preamble of "The Ultimate Mission of Communism"

From the Nine Commentaries Editorial Office: The Ultimate Mission of Communism


The Preamble of "The Ultimate Mission of Communism"


Since the emergence of the first communist political power of Soviet Union, it has been a total of one hundred years that elapsed. Within such a short span of a century, communism has caused the death of hundreds of millions of people. From the very beginning, the Communist Party showed its banner of competing for humankind with the divine and shouted that "there is no such thing as a savior," and that "the old world should be smashed into pieces."


Where does Communism come from? Why in the universe does it emerge a Communist Party? What is the essence of Communism? What will happen at the end? People have different opinions on the answers to these fundamental questions. Now is the time to find out the answer.


The essence of Communism is an "evil specter" consisting of "hate" and the defeat in the lower planes of the universe; it hates and wants to destroy humankind. It is not satisfied with the flesh-killing of humankind, because the death of human flesh-body is not the true death of life as the main consciousness (spirit) reincarnates. However, when one's moral corruption is beyond redemption, the main consciousness will be destroyed completely in endless pain, which is the most terrible, the real death of life. The "Communist Evil Specter" is to make all humanity fall into such an abyss of irreversible destruction.


When the Berlin Wall collapsed in 1989, which was followed by the subsequent rapid collapse of the communist camp in the Soviet Union and East Europe, it seemed as if everyone in the world believed that the "Cold War" had ended and the communist ideology was defeated miserably, and even the remaining communist countries were feeling that they could collapse any moment. However, the fact is that the fundamental and the transformed communist ideas and factors are still raging the world today. There are still many countries that are publicly acknowledged to be socialist countries, such as China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam; and also there are many countries in Africa and South America that are practicing socialism under the banner of democracy or republicanism; there are even many more democratic countries in Europe and North America which are severely eroded by communist factors but do not even know it.

无论是暴力扩张还是悄然渗透,“共产邪灵”彻底毁灭人的方法就是破坏创世主为最后救人所奠定的文化。人类失去了这种文化,就失去人之为人的标准,在神的眼中成为徒具人形的兽,不仅道德上失去约束、急剧堕落,更无法理解创世主下世救人所开示的天机,也就失去了大难来时被救的机会。这是生命最大的劫数——被永远销毁,也是 “共产邪灵”的终极目的。

Whether via violently expanding or through quietly infiltrating, the method of the "Communist Evil Specter" to destroy human beings completely is the same: to undermine the culture laid down by the Creator for the ultimate salvation. When human beings lose their culture, they lose the standard of being human and they become beasts with human figures only in the sight of the divine; they not only lose the moral restraints and fall rapidly, but also fail to understand the divine mechanism shown by the Creator who comes to the human world to deliver salvation, thereby losing the opportunity to be saved at the last havoc. This is the greatest havoc of lives – to be forever destroyed, and this is also the ultimate mission of the "Communist Evil Specter."


With our great respects and appreciation of the lives created by the divine, and with our deep concern of the future of mankind, we have written this book, "The Ultimate Mission of Communism," to systematically analyze and expose the gigantic conspiracy of the “Evil Specter of Communism” in its attempt to destroy mankind through the destruction of human culture and human morality.


The legend regarding the coming of the divine to the human world to save people has been wide spread among all different races. Humankind has arrived at a turning point in the history of the universe, and the communist cult is the biggest obstacle to human salvation at this very moment. Therefore, we urgently believe that we must thoroughly reveal its ultimate evil purpose and means to destroy humanity so that humankind, with human conscience and human true nature, can abandon the Communist Evil Cults, and then peacefully disintegrate the communist organizations and systematically cleanse the evil elements of communism, and then to embrace the new era of humankind.


The book contains two parts: the first part, "The Ultimate Mission of Communism (China Chapter)"; the second part, "The Ultimate Mission of Communism (World Chapter)." The Epoch Times will first publish the first part, "China Chapter"; the second part will be launched soon, so stay tuned.


We would like to dedicate this book to all who sincerely wish that Chinese people as a race will be civilized, prosperous and strong!


This book is dedicated to all who care about the destiny of mankind!


"Nine Commentaries" Editorial Office


November 18, 2017

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第一章 中心之国 神传文化

Chapter One: Central Kingdom and Divine Culture

January 29, 2018

第一章 中心之国 神传文化

Chapter One: Central Nation and Divine Culture

目 录

Table of Contents

1. 中心之国

1. Central Nation

2. 神传文化

2. Divine Culture

3. 千秋格局

3. Thousands of Years of Arrangement

4. 有容乃大

4. Immeasurable High Contents with Great Inclusiveness

5. 历劫不灭

5. Survival Through Havocs


Concluding Remarks

* * * * *



The ebb and flow of the past five thousand years of human history have witnessed the disappearance of several other great human civilizations, while only the Chinese civilization has been passed on without interruption. China once created such glorious society which attracted all other nations in the world to send envoy to visit with deep respect and was honored as "The Heavenly Supreme Kingdom." Chinese culture has profoundly affected the entire East Asia and established a circle of Chinese culture beyond China. The opening of the Silk Road as well as the spreading of the Four Major Inventions (Compass, Gunpowder, Papermaking and Printing) to the West promoted the world civilization and contributed to the discovery of the New World and the Renaissance of art and culture in Europe.




The Chinese people as a race has also encountered many tribulations. Especially in modern times, internal and external turbulences have never stopped. In the mid-20th century, after the Evil Communist Specter from the West usurped political power in China, it has been killing the Chinese people, destroying the Chinese culture, damaging the environment, ruining the mountains and rivers and killing innocent lives, making the once glorious civilization dark and almost destroyed it completely.




Why did the Communist Party continue to mobilize various kinds of movements and even launch the "Unprecedented Cultural Revolution”? Why should the Chinese Communist Party take Chinese people and Chinese culture as its enemy and is so determined to exterminate them? Why has China become the most tightly controlled and most brutally persecuted nation by the Communist Evil Specter in the past century?




This book reveals for the first time that Communism is not a trend of thought, doctrine, or a failed attempt to find a way out for humanity. It is the devil, also known as the Evil Specter of the Communism, which is composed of hate and various corrupting substances in the space at the bottom plane of the universe. Its ultimate mission is to destroy mankind.




The most evil means of the Communist Specter in destroying mankind is to destroy the divine culture created by the Creator for saving sentient beings. This divine culture is also called the Chinese Traditional Culture.


1.       中心之国

1.       Central Kingdom




More than four thousand years ago, the monstrous flood in the world almost destroyed mankind completely. In the memory of each race about this flood, it was remembered that almost everyone died but only a handful of people survived as the seeds of race to reproduce.




In Chinese history, it was the time when Emperor Yao was reigned. In this monstrous flood that also submerged many mountains, the Chinese nation as a whole, however, fortunately survived and in the meantime preserved the ancient glory and civilization, including the 太极(Tai4Ji2) Tai-ji, 河图(He2Tu2) He Tu, 洛书(Luo4Shu1) Luoshu Diagrams, 周易(Zhou1Yi4) the Book of Changes and 八卦(Ba1Gua4) the Eight Trigrams and so on, which the modern people have so far failed to understand.




According to records, when Emperor Yao was carrying out rituals to show respect to the heavens, the divine showed miracles and taught the Emperor Yao: "The water has just arrived to harm people and I here order you to save people” (“The Great Flood is endangering the human world. You must save the people” from “Records from Ancient to Present”). This started the flood control miracles of Great Yu.  The times of Emperor Yao, Shun and Yu are the beginning of the Chinese nation's recovery from the devastating flood. The Great Yu’s governance of China created a new living environment for the Chinese people who have flourished till the present.




This is the divine’s special favor to the Chinese nation. Without the blessing of the divine, the Chinese nation, like all other nations in the world, could not have escaped the dread of this world-wide extinction. The divine has deliberately chosen the Chinese nation among many ethnic groups and granted it the divine culture, also known as the demi-god culture. Of course, it also was for greater arrangements in the future.




Different dynasties of China had different territories. In its essence, "China" is not the concept of geographical location but the meaning of "the Central Kingdom", which stems from the divine’s unique arrangement of the status, characteristics, structure and composition of the Chinese culture.




The uniqueness of the Chinese land is the Central Kingdom chosen by the divine, and the Law to Save the World at the end of time will be spread here. Therefore, everything in China, from the superficial natural environment, the population distribution, to the deep historical development, the establishment of culture, and the understanding of various religions and practices, etc., all come from the orderly arrangement of the divine.




In the long history of China, the Creator was reincarnated as the sacred kings, literati, Buddhist monks, Daoist priests, martial art masters, government councils, and great military commanders, leading a group of extraordinary beings to create living environments for Chinese people, to set up moral standards, to enrich ideological connotation, to establish orthodox culture and to set up legal system. This underlies the distinct phenomena of Chinese history: each dynasty had its own unique feature containing its unique Emperor, its unique people, its unique culture, its unique clothing, its unique customs, its unique connotation characteristics; one dynasty after another, each as bright as stars in the milky way, with its power spreading all over the world, and eventually evolved into the grand complete structure of the 5000 years of the magnificent divine culture.




The heroic figures in Chinese history are so magnificent that their merry stories are eternally revered and remembered.  The list of famous emperors and chancellors such as Emperor Qin, Emperor Wu of Han, Emperor Cao Cao, the Military Chancellor Zhuge Liang, the Tang Dynasty Emperor Taizong, the Yuan Dynasty Emperors Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan, the Ming Dynasty Emperor Yongle, the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi etc. were known to expand the territories of China, to establish karmic relationships with the neighboring countries and ethnic groups and to spread the traditional Chinese culture to lands far away from China.




During the Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC) and Han Dynasty (West Han 202 BC-8 AD and East Han 25-220 AD), the reunification of the six countries, the opening up of the Western Regions (also known as Xiyu, a historical name specified in the Chinese chronicles between the 3rd century BC to the 8th century AD, see wikipedia on “Western Regions”, the northern conquering of the Wuhuan people (a proto-Mongolic nomadic people who inhabited northern China, in what is now the provinces of Hebei, Liaoing, Shanxi, the municipality of Beijing and the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia; see Wikipedia on “Wuhuan”, the southern conquering of the Nanman people (the ancient indigenous peoples who lived in inland South and Southwest China, mainly the Yangtze River valley. See Wikipedia on “Nanman” were accomplished. During the two Jin Dynasty (West Jin 265-316 AD and East Jin 317-420 AD) and the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589 AD), the scholars and riches who represented the mainstream Chinese culture moved to the south of Yangtze river and the Five Hu (also called the Five Barbarians: ethnic Xiongnu, Xianbei,Di, Jie, Qiang, see Wikipedia on “Sixteen Kingdoms”) entered the Central Plains of China. During the Sui Dynasty (581-619 AD), the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), and the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period (907-979 AD), the neighboring ethnic groups either claimed affiliation to, or pay tax to, or wage wars towards, or establish marriage relationships with, or traveled to study at, or carried out business dealings with the Central Plains of China to establish karmic relationships. During the two Song Dynasties (Northern Song 960-1125 AD and Southern Song 1125-1276 AD), Khitan and Jurchen rose, the disputes between Liao and Song, between Jin and Song followed. Subsequently, Genghis Khan unified the vast desert land and made expedition to Europe. This was followed by the Ming Dynasty Emperor Yongle sending ocean voyages across the sea. The entire Chinese history are filled with all kinds of incredible feats which shook the world and made spirits weep. All of these historic events are seemingly disorderly, but in fact very ordered; they are seemingly coincidental, but in truth to be inevitable.




The divine has been taking care of every sentient beings and has made an orderly arrangement for the Chinese traditional culture to radiate into the entire human world in order to lay the foundation for the establishment of the Universal Values ​​that the human world should have.




On the grand stage of the land of the divine, one main character after another came and left; those who were on the stage as actors and actresses gradually lost themselves in the splendid themes of the plays, while those who were watching the plays as audiences also became totally intoxicated and mesmerized. This great drama of thousands of years and the deep meaning behind the scenes have unwittingly been melted deeply into the blood of the Chinese people, and through five thousand years of uninterrupted records of the history with Chinese characters, also have been inherited by latter generations, thereby played the key role in maintaining human morality at a relatively acceptable level.


2. 神传文化

2. Divine Culture




Chinese traditional culture connects to the divine. In the Chinese tradition, the Chinese Character “天” (Tian1, which means sky, heave or the divine, god) is much more than "nature" understood by modern people. “天” is a living entity and everything between “天” and “地” (Di4, which means earth and land) are called “造化” (Zhao4Hua4: Creation and Transformation), which refers to what have been created and what have been transformed and cultivated. The One who is responsible for the creation, transformation and cultivation is the King of Heaven and Earth, called “天帝” (Tian1Di4: Heavenly King), or “昊天上帝” (Hao4Tian1Shan4Di4: Vast Heaven Supreme King”, and the populace called “老天爷” (Lao3Tian1Ye2: Elderly Heavenly Grandfather)--which means, the Almighty Creator. Chinese people call the homeland as “神州” (Shen2Zhou1: The Land of Divine). Chinese people call the Emperor “天子” (Tian1Zi: Son of the Divine), and believe that the destiny of human beings is to return to the heavenly kingdoms of the divine through moral ascension.




The Divine Will is called “天意” (Tian1Yi4: Heaven’s Will). Every living beings below heaven and above earth follow the Divine Will to live, thus called “天道” (Tian1Dao4: Divine’s Way). The Divine Will manifests through celestial signs. In Chinese culture, the Heavenly King condemns and warns those who depart from the Divine Will through casting down natural disasters while praises and encourages those who are virtuous and obedient to the Divine Will through auspicious weather patterns. The Heavenly King also arranged high beings to reincarnate into the human world to become Holy Emperors and Sages to teach people, and help them to see and read the Divine Will.




In the book “Yi-Xici I”(Also known as: “The Book of Changes: The Great Treatise I”), it says, “The Divine hangs up the heaven’s signs to show good fortune or bad luck, the sages read the sign and follow them; The Map comes out from the Yellow River, and the Writings came out from the Luo River, the sages followed them and used them wisely”. Use common terms to express this, it means that sages follow the Divine Will to show people the celestial signs “天文” (Tian1Wen2: Celestial Words) and thereby forming the ideology, faith and actions of people, even all the way to the most surface level manifestation of fundamental human morality, ethics, standard of human actions, disciplines, rules and regulations and laws. In this way, “天文” (Celestial Words) is transformed into “人文” (Ren2Wen2: Human Culture), which is the very origin of Chinese civilization.




These “圣者” (Shen4Zhe3: Sages or Saints) who played out the Chinese civilization and taught and enlightened all people are themselves either divine beings or semi-divine beings. Just as the Chinese Character “聖” (Shen4: Sage) depicts, these beings are Kings who understand the Divine Will from above and create human culture below, among them are 盘古 (Pan2Gu3) Pangu, 女娲 (Nu3Wa1) Nu Wa, 伏羲 (Fu2Xi1) Fu Xi, 神农 (Shen2Nong2) Shen Nong and other divine beings, as well as the 黄帝 (Huang2Di4) Yellow Emperor, 尧 (Yao2) Yao, 舜 (Shun4) Shun, 禹 (Yu2) Yu and other sacred human kings.





According to ancient records, the Yellow Emperor who has been honored as the “人文初祖” (Ren2Wen2Chu1Zu3: Human Culture Original Ancestor) obtained the Dao and took off in broad daylight to return to his heavenly kingdom, after he completed his mission of teaching the people on earth. His story was left behind for the human world to understand how human beings can return to the divine through doing 修炼 (Xiu1Lian4) cultivation practice. Descendants of the Yellow Emperor buried the hats and clothes that Yellow Emperor wore before his taking off at 桥山 (Qiao2Shan1: a site in Shanxi Province) to make the Tomb, called 黄帝陵(Huang2Di4Ling2: Yellow Emperor’s Tomb), and has been revered until the present days.




After that, in each following dynasty, divine beings continued to reincarnate to become the sacred Emperors and Kings of Chinese people, and in the long years of history they gradually established and enriched the civilization system of the Chinese divine culture. Chinese culture stems from the wisdom of the divine, with broad and profound inner contents and are enriched with celestial mechanisms and miracles.


3. 千秋格局

3. Thousands of Years of Arrangement




After the Great Flood, Yao, Shun and Yu, the three Holy Kings, came into the human world to relay the past and pave the path to the future, to rectify the orderly motions of the four seasons, to peacefully govern the water and soil, to harmonize the Ying and Yang, to eradicate demons, and to create the living environment for mankind. With supreme virtue to govern the world, with morality as the core, these Holy Kings established a cultural system that is characteristic of 天人合一 (Tian1Ren2He2Yi1) “Humanity to be One with the Universe”, and jointly completed the process of establishing the grand stage of the divine land of China.




During the 夏(Xia4) Xia Dynasty (2070-1600 BC) and 商 (Shang1) Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC), there were many immortals and True Man (Daoists) who lived among ordinary human beings, and they passed on to the people all kinds of culture, skills, creation, and also standardized human morals and ideological connotations.


从西周至大秦,八百年沧桑,五霸迭起, 七雄争强。大秦始皇帝,顺天时、得地利、符人和,一统江山,建立中华第一个传统皇朝。


From西周 (Xi1Zhou1) the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046-771 BC) to 大秦(Da4Qin2) the Great Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC), there were eight hundred years of vicissitudes, during which five Hegemons rose (referring to the Five Hegemons in the Spring and Autumn Period 770-476 BC: Duke Huan of Qi (685-643 BC), Hegemony of Jin, Duke Wen of Jin (636-628 BC), Duke Xiang of Song (643-637 BC), Duke Mu of Qin (628-621 BC) and King Zhuang of Chu (613-591 BC) and Seven Warring States (referring to Qin, Qi, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao and Wei, seven states during the Warring State Period 475-221 BC). Then came the great Emperor of Qin who followed the celestial timing, conformed to the geographical favors and aligned with the harmony of man, and thereby unified the land and established the first traditional Chinese Dynasty, the Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC).




Then 汉武帝 (Han1Wu3Di4) Emperor Wu of Han (ruled between 141-87 BC) expanded the land, launched wars to conquer both Southern and Northern territories, and the power of the great Han dynasty swept the Western Regions (referring to regions west of Yumen Pass). In the domestic planning, he organized government systems and laid down the foundation for thousands of years of Chinese culture; in the foreign policies, he opened the access to the Western Regions and thereby spreading the Chinese culture throughout the Eurasian continent. Since then until the Qing Dynasty, the two thousand years of China inherited the empirical government system and paradigm established during the Qin and Han Dynasties.




Then 唐太宗 (Tang2Tai4Zhong1) the great Emperor of Tang Dynasty (618-907 AC), Emperor Shimin Li, who applied the unparalleled wisdom and the divine martial power to eradicate enemies, to stabilize the Central Plains, and to rule the entire land of China to push the five-thousand years of Chinese civilization to its peak. During the great Tang Dynasty, a great nation ruled by a great monarch, and the power of influence reached all over the world. The great Emperor has such an amazing spirit of broad and immense compassion to reach out to all nations in the world, like the vast ocean takes in the water from all rivers; his magnificent confidence and immense generosity shined so brilliantly and exhibited incredible influence and strength, and his glory has been shining throughout the Chinese history!


13世纪初, 蒙元雄主成吉思汗及其黄金家族打通西域、横扫欧亚大陆,奠定欧洲格局,将华夏文明带到所经之处。始有欧洲其后数百年文艺复兴等,致西方世界文明突飞猛进。大元世祖忽必烈主导大元天朝入主中原百年历史大戏,大元疆土之大远超汉唐,并连接世界大舞台,铺垫世界整体格局。


Then came 成吉思汗(Chen2Ji2Si1Han4) Genghis Khan, the great Khan and founder of the Mongol Empire (Reigning 1206-1227 AC), at the beginning of the 13th century. He and his Gold Family conquered the Western Regions and swept through Europe and Asia, laying down the European social structure and bringing the Chinese civilization to everywhere his power reached. These made it possible for the subsequent centuries of cultural and art renaissance in Europe, and many more, to directly contribute to the great and rapid progresses of the civilization of the western world. Following that, 忽必烈 (Hu1Bi4Lie4) (reigning from 1260-1294 AC), founded the Yuan Dynasty and played out the great historic show of the great Yuan Dynasty in the China’s Central Plains. The territory of the great Yuan Dynasty expanded far beyond the Han and Tang Dynasties, also connected with the greater world stage, and laid down the foundation for the whole world structure.




Then came the great 明成祖 (Ming2Cheng2Zhu3) Yongle Emperor (Reigning 1402-1424 AC) of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AC) and the great Emperor 康熙 (Kang1Xi1) (Reigning 1661-1722 AC) of the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912 AC) and other wise and holy Emperors, who had immense virtue and kindness, talented in both civil and martial art skills, and their glory radiated all directions to reach out to the most remote parts of the land. During these period of history, great feats were accomplished, such cross-sea voyage, conquering Mongolia, Russia and the unification of the entire land. The magnificent Chinese culture started to affect the entire human world.




These wise Emperors and holy Kings throughout the Chinese history created the Chinese history, paved the way, helped people to survive through major crisis, and assured the Chinese traditional culture to be passed on eternally, thereby creating the glory of civilization in China and the entire world. Every dynasty in China was under the great care of the divine who has been orderly establishing and perfecting the inner contents of human culture and thinking which the humankind must have.


4. 有容乃大

4. Immeasurably High Contents with Great Inclusiveness




The cultures of the vast majorities of nations in the world are based on the major religious beliefs of that nation. However, in most religions, believers often claim that the one that they believe in is "The Only True God" and view other religious believes to be cult. For this reason, there were continuous and endless religious wars in the western history. Some scholars even think that the fundamental reason for the wars between different countries in the world is the conflict between different faiths.




In China, however, churches and temples of different faiths stand side by side and coexist in peace. There has never been a serious religious war in Chinese history. And historically those who entered the Central Plains, such as the Mongolians and the Manchurians, also benefited from the nourishment of traditional Chinese culture and even integrated the essence of their culture into the Chinese nation as part of Chinese culture. This manifests the great inclusiveness of Chinese culture.




The divine beings in the universe are consist of the Buddhas 佛 (Fo2), the Taos道 (Dao4) as well as other forms of Gods神 (Shen2) and therefore they have been continuously establishing the concepts of “Buddhas, Daos and Gods” “佛、道、神” in the Chinese culture as well as the concepts of cultivation practices. In the meantime, they also formed the human ethics, various universal values, such as "Dao, virtue, benevolence, loyalty, courtesy, wisdom and faith," and so on.




The cultures of all nations have recorded that the Creator will surely come to save all people at the end of time. If this is truly the case, then it is easy to understand why the Creator has chosen the Chinese culture of "Immeasurably High Contents with Great Inclusiveness" to spread the Law of Ultimate Salvation to save all peoples of all faiths.




On the one hand, such culture paves the way for the world people with different origins of lives and different culture and faith to be able to understand the elements of the Heavenly Law for Ultimate Salvation; on the other hand, it is easier for those who are attached to their own different religions to accept if the Ultimate Law of Salvation is spread in such culture. Of course, from another perspective, such a great inclusive and rich culture must have been systematically arranged by the Creator since ancient times, and it has accumulated, developed and inherited step by step till the present for the very purpose of saving all sentient beings at the last havoc of humanity.


5. 历劫不灭

5. Survival Through Havoc




The Chinese traditional culture survived through thousands of years under the protection of the divine and was passed along history until the mid of the nineteenth century, when the Western civilization, relying on the technical advantages brought by the industrial revolution, broke open the gates of China with military forces, leading to the "Changes Never Occurred in the Past Thousands of Years”. Since then, the land of China witnessed continued political turmoil; the Evil Specter of Communism took the opportunity to infiltrate into China. Chinese culture was brutally abused, just like flowers and fruits blown away in a heavy storm, hanging with only the last string of life.




After years of painstaking efforts by the Communist Party, using various political campaigns and the havoc of the ten years of the “Cultural Revolution”, all kinds of violent suppression, the corruption of religion, the abolition of beliefs, and on top of all these, adding the instillation of the Communist Party Culture and atheism, the younger generation in China has long lost faith in Buddha, Dao and God. For people of the older generation, fear totally crashed them to complete silence as the result of massacres and persecution. Traditional buildings, monuments, temples, artifacts and cultural relics were destroyed. Thus, the connection between human beings and the divine was further severed.




But the destruction of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism and other religious sects does not mean that the world cannot be awakened by the divine. The power of the profound inner contents of the Chinese traditional culture established by the divine for humankind and its tenacious vitality are fully manifested at such a time.




After the “Cultural Revolution”, Chinese people had almost totally lost any faith and were living an extremely poor cultural life with an empty spirit. But when people heard such notable broadcastings as 《杨家将》(Yang2Jia1Jiang4) "The Great Generals of the Yang Family",《岳飞传》(Yue4Fei1Zhuan4) "The Biography of Yue Fei", 《三国》(San1Guo2) "Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, 《水浒》(Shui3Hu3) "Water Margin" etc., the streets became deserted. Everyone was sitting at home to listen attentively, not wanting to miss even one episode. Even the police did not have to be on duty. It is the power of the precipitation of the divine culture of thousands of years that rekindled the righteous thoughts and the long-cherished memories in the hearts of the sentient beings.




Why do people show so much admiration towards the "Loyalty" “义” (Yi4) played out during the Three Kingdoms?




Whenever Chinese people mention the Chinese Charter “义” (Yi 4) which means “Loyalty”, they will immediately think of the “义” “Loyalty” played out at the Three Kingdoms Period (184/220 -280 AD): the “义” “Loyalty” between the three heroes, 刘备 (Liu2Bei4) Liu Bei, 关羽 (Guan1Yu3) Guan Yu and 张飞 (Zhang1Fei1) Zhang Fei, who took an oath of fraternity in a ceremony in the Peach Garden (believed to be in the present-day Zhuozhou, Hebei) and became sworn brothers from then on. Their stories were admired and imitated by countless descendants, and their character and conduct in putting loyalty ahead of personal gains and their willingness to even let go of their own lives to protect loyalty also won universal praises. The story of Chancellor 诸葛亮(Zhu1Ge2Liang4) Zhuge Liang assisted Liu Bei, "Spared No Efforts Until Death," set a model for future generations of chancellors who served emperors with loyalty and devotion; Zhuge Liang thus shall be called the Number One Great Chancellor in Chinese history. The great Emperor Wu of Wei, 曹操 (Cao2Cao1) Cao Cao (155-220 AD) was fluent in military strategies, worked day and night to command his soldiers to win the wars in order to unify the northern lands. He recognized Liu Bei’s supreme talent during the time when they were drinking wine and tasting green plums, but did not took advantage of him at time of danger; instead he kept his promise to release Guan Yu; with the loyalty between the Emperor and the Chancellor, he won the hearts of people from lands of all four directions. The “义” "Loyalty" played out during the Three Kingdoms served a key role in standardizing the human morality, human character and human conduct in the entire 5000 years of traditional Chinese culture.




Why are people so moved by the 忠 (Zhong 1) Devotion shown by 杨六郎(Yang2Liu4Lang2) Yang Liulang and 岳飞 (Yue4Fei1) Yue Fei?




Yang Yanzhao (958-1014 AD), also known as Yang Liulang by the Khitans who feared him, was a military general in ancient China’s Northern Song Dynasty. His story of fighting with the Liao and safeguarding the Yanmen Pass, also known as Yanmenguan and as Xixingguan, which is a mountain pass including three fortified gatehouses along the Great Wall, is incredibly splendid and inspiring. Same is the story of the great women from the Yang Family who went to the frontier of the battlefield to fight the enemies to protect the nation. Yue Fei (1103-1142 AD) from the Southern Song Dynasty fought through hundreds of battles with complete victory. He was about to go straight into the Huanglong region to recover all the lost lands, but unfortunately was betrayed by the traitor Qin Hui and thus murdered at the Fenbo Pavilion. The stories of Yang Liulang and Yue Fei became legendary throughout the Chinese history for thousands of years, and even for those Chinese people who did not learn how to read Chinese Characters and thus could not read the history books, they would learn their stories through listening to the story telling and watching the plays, thus learn to see through evilness, to respect loyalists, and to spread the stories through word of mouth to educate the descendants.


中华五千年兴衰荣辱演绎中,一幕幕惊心动魄的大戏, 一个个动人心弦的剧情,不仅使世人能识善恶、明是非、辨真伪、论忠奸,保持中华自古浩然正气,也在世人思想中、精神上、意识内、血脉里留下无法磨灭的烙印,无论中共政权如何打压、欺骗,也不能扼杀人们心中一阳来复的生机。


During the play outs of the ups and downs in the five thousands of years of Chinese history, there are one after another touching and shocking shows with soul-stirring scenes, which not only has helped the sentient beings to distinguish good and evil, right and wrong, true or false, loyalty or betrayal, thus to preserve the righteousness of Chinese people since ancient time, but also left an indelible mark in the thoughts, spirit, consciousness and blood of Chinese people, which assures that no matter how the Chinese Communist Party attempt to suppress and deceive, nothing can stop the vigor and vitality in the hearts of Chinese people as soon as the light of truth returns.



Concluding Remarks




Among the seven billion people in the world, not everyone believes in religion and not everyone believes in the divine. The Creator wishes to save every human being, but human beings must maintain the basic human morality to be called human. This is also the very reason why the divine behind many religions in the human world have been warning people to keep the baseline of the human morality intact and to wait for the return of the divine.




The day when human morality slips to the brink of collapse is the day when the most devastating disasters come. At this moment, only the divine has the power to stretch out the giant hands that dominate the world to turn things around and save good people from the last crisis.




The reason that the divine established the inner contents of the human culture and the foundation of human morality is exactly for paving the path for humanity to be saved to have a new life, and therefore is the only path for humanity to be able to understand the celestial mechanisms of salvation delivered by the divine at the most dangerous moment. Destruction of the path to salvation is the destruction of mankind.




In the uninterrupted political campaigns, the Communist Party deliberately exterminates the Chinese traditional culture in such a way as to stop all outlets to salvation at the most dangerous moment of moral collapse. When humanity lose such a culture as well as the character and conduct of human morality gained through the influence and education of such a culture, human beings will no longer be able to follow the divine who comes to deliver salvation, nor the Law of Salvation delivered by the divine. Therefore, human beings will lose the last opportunity to be saved.




Chinese traditional culture is the culture laid down by the Creator Himself in China for saving sentient beings at the end of time. This is the special arrangement and mission of Chinese traditional culture.



(Originally published at the Epoch Times)


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第二章 红魔阴谋 毁灭人类

Chapter II The Red Devil Plots to Destroy Humanity

March 15, 2018

“一个幽灵,共产主义的幽灵,在欧洲游荡。” 《共产党宣言》以“幽灵”做开场白,绝非马克思一时的心血来潮。这个幽灵是在另外空间中由“恨”和宇宙低层各种败物构成的邪灵。它原本是一条蛇,到了表层空间的体现形式则是一条红龙。它与仇视正神、正义的撒旦为伍。这个邪灵的目的就是要毁灭人类,在神归来挽救众生的最后关头,让人不信神,让人的道德败坏到已经听不懂神的教诲而最终被淘汰,元神被永远销毁。

"A specter, a specter of communism, wanders in Europe." The "Communist Manifesto" started with such a "Specter" is by no means Marx's whim. This specter is an evil spirit that exists in another dimension and is formed with "hate" and other degenerative substances from various lower layers of the universe. It was originally a snake, while manifesting into the surface dimension as a red dragon. It aligns itself with Satan which is known to be the devil that hates righteous Gods and justice. The specter’s mission is to destroy humankind. At the last moment when God returns to save sentient beings, it will make people do not believe in God, and let people’s morality become so corrupt that people no longer can understand God’s teachings, thus will be weeded out, with the main consciousness forever destroyed.


People may think that communism, like all other kinds of doctrine, is a kind of human thought or a failed attempt. Not So! Communism is neither a trend of thought nor an attempt. It is not something that man himself has come up with. Communism is a devil's doctrine. It is something that the specter forcibly imposed onto human kind, with the special purpose of harming human world and carries the very mission to destroy humanity.


If the reason we cannot discern the evil trick set up by the communist specter is because we are in the midst of it, then let us review the history of the Communist Party in the past century. This way, we can clearly see the road map carefully designed by the communist specter to destroy humanity.


Marx and his followers are human representatives chosen by the evil specter to carry out their conspiracies and engage Communism on the earth. Let's start with Marx's following evil cult and the specter’s road map.

1. 不为人知的马克思──信仰邪教

1. The Truth About Carl Marx Unknown to People: His Following Evil Cult


Among the most familiar Westerners in China, Marx is certainly one. But how much do we know about Marx himself? In fact, very few.


Marx was born in a wealthy Jewish family. At the age of six, his father abandoned Judaism and converted to Christianity. Marx was also baptized into a Christian at the same church. Once upon time he praised God warmly in his composition, but mysterious things happened later. Marx suddenly developed an incredible hatred towards God. A totally different Marx then appeared.


Western Marxist researchers found that Marx's transformation was influenced by the Satanic believers who made him a Satan admirer. Satan is the devil. This fact must shock many Chinese. We might as well explore Marx's own works to observe the process of his turning demonic and to see his inner world full of violence and hatred.


At the age of 18, Marx wrote a script called "Oulanem," in which he wrote: "Destruction, Destruction ... accompanying a crazy and wild yelling, I spoke out the curse towards all humanity…amidst the darkness, the bottomless hell opens its mouth towards you and me at the same time; you will fall into it and I shall follow you with a wild laughter…I shall whisper by your ear and say, ‘come down here to keep me company, my comrade!’…If there is something that can engulf everything, then I shall jump into it so that I can destroy the whole world."


That type of inexplicable hatred and violence in Marx’s heart makes people shudder.

在另一首诗《演奏者》(The Fiddler)中,马克思写道:“ 啊!我将黑血之剑,准确无误地插入你的灵魂……我从撒旦手中将它换来……我奏响浑厚、美妙的死亡进行曲。”在《苍白少女》(The Pale Maiden)中,马克思写道:“我已失去天堂……现已注定要下地狱。”

In the other poem "The Fiddler," Marx wrote: "Oh, I will insert the sword of the Black Blood into your soul with no error ... I have exchanged it from the hands of Satan ... I played the rich and marvelous Marching Music of Death. "In “The Pale Maiden”, Marx wrote:" I have lost heaven ... and am now destined to go to hell. "

在《人之傲》(Human Pride)一诗中,马克思承认,他的目标并不是改善世界,而是要毁灭世界,并以此为乐。“带着轻蔑,我向世界挑战,在世界的脸上,到处投掷我的臂铠,这侏儒般的庞然大物倒下、抽泣、倾没,但它的倒塌仍不能熄灭我的喜悦。那时我将如神一般,穿越已成废墟的王国,凯旋而行。我说的每一个字都是火与业,我感觉与造物主平起平坐。”

In the poem "Human Pride," Marx conceded that his goal is not to improve the world, but to destroy the world and feel joy for the destruction. "With disdain, I challenge the world, throwing my armor around the face of the world; the dwarf-behemoth is falling, sobbing, plunging, but its collapse still cannot quench my joy. Then I will, like a God, fly cross the ruined kingdom, as a triumphant; and every word I say is fire and sin, and I feel as though I were seated by the side of the Creator. "

马克思对世界的仇恨来自哪里?马克思在《绝望者的魔咒》(Invocation of One in Despair)中道出了一些端倪。

Where does the hatred of Marx towards the world come from? Marx provided some clues in his work "Invocation of One in Despair."


"In the punishing instruments of curse and destiny, a soul grabbed all of me; the whole world had been left behind, and the only thing I had was hatred, and I would build up my throne in heaven; coldness and fear being at the top, and the trembling of superstition being its foundation, and its owner is the extreme pain of darkness. "

马克思给他父亲的信中写道:“一个时代已然落幕,我的众圣之圣四分五裂,新的灵必须来进驻。” “一种真正的不安占据了我,我无法让这躁动的鬼魂平静下来,直到我和疼爱我的你在一起。”

Marx wrote to his father: "An era has come to an end, and my sanctification is divided, and the new spirit must come in." "A real uneasiness has dominated me, and I cannot calm down this restless ghost until I'm with you who love me. "


Of course, the changes in Marx's mind made his father very anxious. In his father’s letter, he advised his son, "Only if your heart can stay pure and humane and do not allow the devil to turn your heart away from wonderful feelings, only in this way can I be happy."


Karl Marx's heart went demonic. He wrote arrogantly in the poem, "On Hegel" :


"Since I have discovered through meditation the most esoteric and sublime truths, I am as great as God, and I dress with darkness, just like HE does.”

马克思成魔之路现在也并非什么秘密,马克思的这些作品、通信和西方学者提供的大量考证都是公开的,只是共产党国家故意忽视罢了。据《马克思与撒旦》(Marx and Satan)一书的作者理查德•沃姆布兰德(Richard Wurmbrand)说,他曾联系过莫斯科马克思学院,被告知马克思的作品共有100卷之多,其中只有13卷被公开印发。

It is no secret that Marx turned demonic. These Marx's work, communication and the western scholars’ large amount of research validation work are all open to the general public, but have been deliberately overlooked by communist countries. According to Mr. Richard Wurmbrand, author of "Marx and Satan," he had contacted the Moscow-Marxist college and was told that there is a total of 100 volumes written by Marx, of which only 13 volumes have been published.


At that time, Marx wanted nothing more than to destroy the world and did not want to do anything for the proletariat or the workers and peasants. However, as a man who is very clever and well-educated, full of hatred and violence in his heart, opposed to God, cursed mankind, and worshiped the devil, Marx was a perfect agent of the human being whom the communist evil specter was looking for. The evil specter thus chose Marx. Marx, who believed in a cult and hates God, is not an atheist himself. He turned communism into an atheistic cult and used atheism to fight against God to accomplish the mission of the Communist evil specter to destroy humanity.


As a result, a tragedy featuring the use of the proletariat to stir up turmoil in the world started.


2. 邪灵毁灭人类的路线图

2. The Road Map of Destroying Mankind by the Evil Specter

March 20, 2018


The bloody communist revolution, seemingly chaotic and disorganized, but in reality was carefully arranged by the evil specter. The evil specter’s target is "The Central Kingdom " - China. The evil specter knows that if it can dominate China then it can dominate the entire world. However, the inner contents of the five thousand years of Chinese culture and the Chinese ethnic spirit cannot accommodate communism which is hostile to the gods and advocating violence. Therefore, the circuitous conspiracy of communist evil specter thus began.


The First Step: Budding in Europe


The Manifesto of the Communist Party was introduced in 1848, and Marx regarded the atheism and the struggle philosophy which all project hatred towards God, as the core dogma of communism. "Atheism" and "Struggle" complements each other and are indispensable to each other. Because they do not believe in God, they are not afraid of heaven nor the earth, and they are not afraid of retribution resulted from doing evil. Because they advocate struggle, they dare to fight with heaven and earth and fight with people. There is no bottom line in fighting. "Atheism" and "The Philosophy of Struggle" laid the theoretical and operational guidelines for the communist bloody tyranny over a hundred years.


The Second Step: Experimentation in Russia


Because communism was unpopular, it took nearly half a century after the failure of the Paris Commune for Lenin to launch the October Revolution in Russia in 1917 to establish the world's first communist regime. The Soviet Union began to experiment with a series of harmful social systems and the persecutory coercion means towards people, for the very purpose of passing them to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the future.


The evil specter’s goal is to enter China. Soviet Russia, however, is equivalent to a springboard.


The Third Step: Take Root in China


The Russian Communist Party took every concerted effort to support the CCP, find agents in China, spent both money and extra efforts, and eventually hatched a CCP regime.


On the surface, the CCP regarded the Soviet Union as the "mastermind" and vowed to defend the Soviets. Actually, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe are only the supporting actors in this drama. The CCP is the main body which the evil specter raised.

第四步:美苏对峙 中共关起门来剿灭传统文化

Step 4: The US-Soviet Confrontation Allowed the CCP to Close the Door of China to Exterminate the Traditional Chinese Culture


A huge communist camp emerged after World War II. In order to maintain this camp, the evil specter made the Soviet Union militarily powerful and began a military confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union for decades. It seemed that the United States and the Soviet Union were contending with each other, but in effect, such a confrontation provided the CCP with the space and time: with the "cover-fire" of the Soviet Union, the evil specter allowed the CCP to release its hands to deal with the Chinese divine culture – it needs to destroy the Chinese civilization and destroy the Chinese faith.


How to destroy? In a closed environment, the CCP launched a series of political campaigns to create a human resource holocaust; it raised the atheism giant beating stick; it applied the class struggle as its core policy; it used "hatred, deception, fight, kill" to pound against the China's 5,000-year traditional culture; it turned upside down the standard of right and wrong, good and evil; it turned good into bad, and bad into good; it destroyed the nation which is known for its righteousness and loyalty; it turned all Chinese people who had faith in Gods into followers of Marxism and Leninism.

第五步:苏联解体 中共上位

The Fifth Step: Soviet Union Disintegration Placed the Chinese Communist Party to the Central Position


After the Chinese traditional culture was destroyed by the CCP, the CCP also reached its peak in accumulating the persecutory skills towards people. The communist evil specter felt that the CCP has turned evil enough for it to use to carry out the next step, so the mission of the Soviet Union as a springboard, test ground and shelter came to an end. A huge communist camp collapsed and the Soviet Union withdrew from the historical stage. The dragon head of the leader of communism then was inherited by the CCP.

第六步:经济暴发 道德崩溃

The Sixth Step: The Economic Explosion Triggers the Moral Collapse

随着冷战的军事对抗结束,一场经济大戏上场了。如何让一个被政治运动整得经济濒临崩溃的国家,快速暴发致富呢? 邪灵安排了财富大挪移,把西方的财富转移到中国。为什么苏联解体后没有发生西方的资本和技术一涌而入苏联,而中共当上了共产主义老大,反而受到西方资本的青睐呢?人,可以找出各种各样的理由来解释这个现象。其实背后根本的原因是邪灵的安排──到了苏联退场、中共登台唱戏的时候了。

With the Cold War military confrontation ending, an economic drama started to come on stage. How to get a nation whose economy was politically brutalized to near collapse to get rich quickly? The evil specter arranged a large fortune shift to transfer the wealth of the West to China. Why did not the influx of Western capital and technology into the Soviet Union happen after the Soviet Union's demise, while upon the CCP turning into the communist leader, was immediately favored by Western capital? Of course people could find a variety of reasons to explain this phenomenon, but in fact, the fundamental reason behind this is the arrangement of the evil specter - it is time for the CCP to come to the central stage and for the Soviet Union to leave the stage.


To put it in detail, the "Special Feeling for China" of the West, especially of the American people, are also for this moment. During the confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union, China and the Soviet Union also confronted against each other and the self-enclosed China appeared to be all alone. The CCP's evil manifests itself mainly in the destruction of its own culture and in the massacre of its own people. However, it does not show much to the international arena, thus making the Western world which is hostile to the Soviet Union always hold some good feelings about China. No matter how the CCP denigrates the United States as having the "wolf's ambition," the United States always has a special feeling about China and the Chinese people. Perhaps this is the world's sentiment toward the "Central Kingdom".

总之,大戏开场之后, 海外巨额的资本和西方上百年积累的技术,呼啦啦决堤一般冲向了中国。遇上了勤勤恳恳、不畏辛劳而心灵手巧、被中共整得穷怕了要拚命赚钱的中国人,一场“经济奇迹”就这么发生了。以市场为诱饵,全世界的钱都往中国跑,以万亿计的美元进入中国,西方国家的市场都对中国打开,赚取的外汇又回到了中国,西方资本家赚的钱又留在了中国,中国的外汇储备疯狂般暴增,都到了多得犯愁怎么用的地步。同时,中共按汇率印出数倍于外汇的人民币投放到市场,让整个社会的钱多得不得了,然后又是房价一路飙升,需要天文数字般的货币来消化,于是中共的印钞机简直就停不下来。

In short, after the opening of this stage of the new drama, huge amount of overseas capital and technology accumulated over the past century in the West burst into China. This happened to encounter the Chinese people who are extremely diligent, hardworking, smart in mind and quick with dexterity in hands, became fearful of poverty due to long-term persecution by the CCP, and thus would do anything to make money. An "economic miracle" so happened. With the market as a bait, the world's money goes to China; trillions of American dollars flowed into China. All markets of western countries are opened to China; the foreign exchange earned is returned to China; the money earned by the western capitalists also remains in China. The surge in China's foreign exchange reserves has skyrocketed to the point that one needs to worry about how to spend so much money. At the same time, the CCP renminbi, which has been printed at several times the exchange rate, is put on the market, giving the whole community extra money. Then the soaring house prices need astronomical currency to digest it. Thus, the Chinese banknote printing machine simply can no longer take a pause.


Fortune, the overnight surge in wealth, even made the Chinese themselves surprised: how come it comes so fast and so easy? On the surface, it seems to be due to Chinese people’s hardworking efforts. However, the truth is, without the tremendous diversion of wealth controlled by the evil specter behind, it is impossible for the Chinese people to experience such sudden explosion of wealth.


Since ancient times, the economic development of normal society must be supported by corresponding moral standards. This is what has been called "Wealth with Virtue”. The evil specter intentionally did the opposite in China. There is a saying that "The Soil Buns Explode More Massively". From “Glorious Poverty” to "Asceticism" to "Money Worship" to "Sexual Liberation", the morality of the Chinese general populace was declining day by day, constantly breaking the moral bottom line. While morality declines, a rapidly emerging economy was created to form a giant "Economic Freak."


The purpose of the evil specter in arranging this "economic miracle" is simple: without the economic power, the CCP has no say in the world. However, the evil specter did not mean to make such an arrangement to help China to be powerful. The evil specter wants the world to be dependent upon the CCP in their economic and international affairs. This way, when the CCP continues to push the Chinese morality to the abyss and to persecute those Chinese people with faith, the world would remain silent and turn a blind eye to the evil doings of the CCP. At the same time, it wants to let the morally degenerated China pull down the morality of the world and move the world towards the mode of "Co-destruction."


However, when the evil specter used "globalization" to play a large diversion of wealth and allowed China to prosper overnight, it has also set a mechanism for its disappearance. Sooner or later, Western people will oppose the great move of wealth. Once their politicians are under the pressure from the voters, these countries will have to change their ways and even join forces to fight the CCP. China's fake obese economy is simply not an opponent to the western economy. At the same time, an economy not backed up by morality will not continue to develop. In arranging an economic explosive development disregarding the moral costs, at the same time, the evil specter also foreshadowed the economic collapse in the future resulted from excessive moral costs.


Step 7: The CCP Used the Economy to Kidnap "The World's Morality"


Westerners say that freedom and democracy are universal values, and that investing in China is to help China to automatically make a transition into democracy and freedom after China’s economic development. The evil specter however has counted on using the economic interests to encroach on the West and to allow the lust to make the West lose their moral principles, thereby making the West the accomplices of the CCP, tying the West to the same boat operated by the CCP through the economic interests. This is proven to be the fact: in face of economic interests, democracy and freedom have become worthless. At the same time, the communist ideology lurking in Western society also came back to life by possessing onto the corpse, and started to tear apart the Western Society from inside, creating chaos and shaking the flag and yelling the support for the Chinese Communist Dictatorship.


What is called the Universal Value? The "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" in the Chinese traditional culture is exactly the Universal Value. When such values were harshly suppressed by the CCP, when history needs the Western society to resist the CCP atrocities, the West became silent in face of their economic interests and even started to help the CCP to together persecute those who follow these values. In this sense, the free society in the West has both contributed to this situation and itself has thus become its victim. Along with the CCP, it is on the road of "Co-destruction." This is exactly what the evil specter wants to accomplish.


Will the world have the chance to get rid of the evil specter and defeat the conspiracy of the evil specter? Of course, that is to take the initiative to return to morality, not to be dominated by the greed in the mind, for the immediate so-called "prosperity" and become lost. If mankind is intoxicated in the delusional dream of seeking for “prosperity” and not recognizing the crisis brought by the Communist conspiracy, humanity is in great danger.

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