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Happy Birthday to Mr. Brian Scott Weiss on 

March 4th 2022

Thank You Mother Miriam Weiss for Your Loving Support of 16 Years

Happy Birthday to Ms. Lotus Blossom Weiss on March 22nd 2022

Thank you Beautiful Lotus for Your Compassionate Support 

for 16 Years

Shen Nong Team Meeting 2022

Welcome to our Website!

When an ancient plant from 5000 years ago in China comes to rescue humanity from the shackles of man-made drugs
When the divine agriculture forefather of China, Shen Nong, meets the Harvard Life Science Scholar
When East Meets the West
When Ancient Meets the Modern
When the Sun and the Moon Aligned in Totality
When  a beautiful Lotus Blossom rises from human muddiness to grow in celestial water 
When Noah builds a new Ark to carry the seeds of tomorrow
Our Journey to True Health Starts!
Come Join Us!

《登法船 2018金秋》




The Sun shines on the earth, but sometimes He is blocked by clouds ☁while other times He is totally brilliant


The Moon 🌑 shines on the earth, but sometimes she is perfectly full, while other times she is always lacking


Human beings go through similar manifestations of the Law: Birth Aging Sickness and Death


Even the entire universe 🌌 goes through such a manifestation of the Law: Formation Stasis Degeneration and Disintegration


All things originate from the Law but gradually deviate from the Law


The All Mighty Creator comes down from above countless planes and enters into the human realm to rectify the Law that became deviated


Delivering the Original Law to all sentient beings to save all savable



Lives in the universe sank due to deviation


High beings in the universe are full of compassion


Do you know why Gods Created the Human Body and the Three Realms?


All for the very hope to bring the lost souls back to home



Human beings are lost in delusion and can not see the Truth


For Fame Profit Sentimental Love and Hate bitterly struggling against each other


You are struggling for nothing just like trying to scoop the moon shadow in the water


Completely forgetting that all your past many lives of sufferings are for the purpose of having this last round of being a human again


You are so hopeless and lost but still carry this deep wish to be saved by the True Law of the Universe


One day you finally find the Great Law and now you shall board this beautiful Ship of the Great Law


Through genuine cultivation pure Lotus blossoms are formed


These are the Buddhas Daos and Gods of the Renewed Universes and Colossal Firmaments



Shen Nong Education Center

English-Chinese Bilingual Seminars and professional workshops on the following topics will be offered to the general public at the Shen Nong Education Center:

  • Shen Nong and Chinese Medicinal Herbs
  • The Art of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Cannabis as a Powerful Medicinal Herb
  • The Art of Cannabis Cultivation for Individualized Medicine
  • The Application of Frontier Modern Life Science Research in Optimization of Cannabis Medicinal Features
  • The Art of Application of Chinese Medicinal Herbs in Healing
  • Basic Concepts of Human Body, Human Diseases and Medicinal Herbs in Human Health Restoration
  • The Molecular Level Understandings of Human Body and Human Diseases
  • The Modern Crisis of Man-made Drugs in Health Care System
  • Past-Present-Future of the Art of Medicine for Human Health
  • The Holistic View of Human Body as a Universe  and the Art of Cultivation

Shen Nong Research Center

Chinese Traditional Medicine Doctors will work with medicinal herb cultivators as well as frontier life science researchers to optimize and potentiate the unique healing powers of different Chinese Medicinal Herbs and develop individualized holistic medicine. 

  • Using Medicinal Cannabis Plant as an example:
  • Mr. Matthew Gordon will lead a team of cannabis cultivators of medicinal cannabis plants to optimize and potentiate the unique medicinal features of each plant so that novel individualized medicinal cannabis plants are developed as the remedy to replace the current dominating man-made drugs. Dr. Lotus King Weiss will lead a team of frontier life science researchers to design and develop sensitive molecular assay systems for high throughput assays to rapidly screen for plants which exhibit unique healing potentials in the area of:
  • Stress-induced System-level diseases such as
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Neuro-degenerative Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Mental Disorders

Shen Nong Healing Center

Chinese Traditional Medicine Doctors will team up with Western Doctors from different schools to apply the art of healing in the Shen Nong Healing Centers, which will include the following methods of healing:

Music Healing

Food Remedies

Chinese Herbal Medicine





The Whole Elephant Institute Inc.

2904 147 Street, Flushing, NY 11354

Old Toby LLC-Shen Nong Laboratories Inc.

246 Peach Street, Silverton, OR 97381

Grace Biogarden LLC-Shen Nong Laboratory LLC.

6621 Upper Applegate Rd., Jacksonville, OR 97530

The Old Toby Plants and the Cultivators

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