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When an ancient plant from 5000 years ago in China comes to rescue humanity from the shackles of man-made drugs

When the divine agriculture forefather of China, Shen Nong, meets the Harvard Life Science Scholar

When East Meets the West

When Ancient Meets the Modern

When the Sun and the Moon Aligned in Totality

When  a beautiful Lotus Blossom rises from human muddiness to grow in celestial water 

When Noah builds a new Ark to carry the seeds of tomorrow

Our Journey to True Health Starts!

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Shen Nong Education Center

English-Chinese Bilingual Seminars and professional workshops on the following topics will be offered to the general public at the Shen Nong Education Center:

  • Shen Nong and Chinese Medicinal Herbs
  • The Art of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Cannabis as a Powerful Medicinal Herb
  • The Art of Cannabis Cultivation for Individualized Medicine
  • The Application of Frontier Modern Life Science Research in Optimization of Cannabis Medicinal Features
  • The Art of Application of Chinese Medicinal Herbs in Healing
  • Basic Concepts of Human Body, Human Diseases and Medicinal Herbs in Human Health Restoration
  • The Molecular Level Understandings of Human Body and Human Diseases
  • The Modern Crisis of Man-made Drugs in Health Care System
  • Past-Present-Future of the Art of Medicine for Human Health
  • The Holistic View of Human Body as a Universe  and the Art of Cultivation

Shen Nong Research Center

Chinese Traditional Medicine Doctors will work with medicinal herb cultivators as well as frontier life science researchers to optimize and potentiate the unique healing powers of different Chinese Medicinal Herbs and develop individualized holistic medicine. 

  • Using Medicinal Cannabis Plant as an example:
  • Mr. Matthew Gordon will lead a team of cannabis cultivators of medicinal cannabis plants to optimize and potentiate the unique medicinal features of each plant so that novel individualized medicinal cannabis plants are developed as the remedy to replace the current dominating man-made drugs. Dr. Lotus King Weiss will lead a team of frontier life science researchers to design and develop sensitive molecular assay systems for high throughput assays to rapidly screen for plants which exhibit unique healing potentials in the area of:
  • Stress-induced System-level diseases such as
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Neuro-degenerative Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Mental Disorders

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Shen Nong Healing Center

Chinese Traditional Medicine Doctors will team up with Western Doctors from different schools to apply the art of healing in the Shen Nong Healing Centers, which will include the following methods of healing:

Music Healing

Food Remedies

Chinese Herbal Medicine





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